Parent Info Night For CRLP Members 5:30 PM Wednesday Sept. 27, 2017 Large Cafeteria WHAT IS CRLP PLUS? The college readiness and leadership program plus (CRLP) is a voluntary mentorship program designed to help qualified students improve their skills in: *Social Networking *Academics *Extracurricular Activities *Personal Development We believe that students within a collaborative and cooperative environment will excel at academics while reaching their full intellectual, mental, physical and emotional potential. CRLP plus is a committed long term interactive mentor-mentee relationship which will enhance the student’s probability of acceptance into top ranking colleges and universities around the Nation. In this program we offer the students: 1. Weekly programs (Club or Academic studies, Congressional Awards tracking, College Research project, School grades tracking). 2. Camps & Overnight programs: Camps are one of the mandatory activities in CRLP plus program and also a good opportunity to socialize and improve leadership skills with peers together. A CRLP plus student has to attend all the camps and other overnight programs and benefit from them academically and socially. For details see 3. Summer Leadership Camps: A wonderful final for the end of the year. At the beginning of June, students will stay with more than 100 friends in the camp area. Stem activities, SAT Course, leadership talks and lots of recreational activities. 4. College trips: We want the CRLP plus students to see the real college life by visiting the best colleges & universities in the USA. They also come together with the current students or grads to receive information about those colleges. For details see 5. International trips: This is the most exciting and once in a life activity in the Harmony Schools. These trips and camps are optional and require additional payments. So far, as a part of these activities we visited a lot of different Europe cities. You will get more information from the CRLP coordinator as the arrangements are done. For details see 6. Home visits and parent & student invitations: We believe that one of the most important component of a successful education life is to establish strong communication between teachers, parents and students. For this reason we will visit you at your home if you are available, otherwise we will invite you to share information about the student’s progress. You can see all the dates for the activities and home visits & invitations in the yearly schedule. For the yearly schedule see 7. Fun days and award ceremonies: In order to make the CRLP plus program more colorful, we will go to different activities like bowling, soccer, laser tag, picnics, etc. We will also come together with parents and students in CRLP plus award ceremonies. You can also see the dates for these activities in the yearly schedule as well.CRLP