6th Grade: Begins 9:25 am-10:05 am
After attendance is taken all 6th grade teachers and students will report to the gym.
7th Grade:  Begins 10:10 am-10:50 am
 7th grade teachers with 7th grade students  please report to gym by 10:10 am
11:00am-12:00pm (10th Graders presenting- Lunch Time)
8th Grade: Begins 12:10 pm- 12:50 pm
8th grade teachers with 8th grade  students please report to gym by 12:10pm
12th Grade Begins During their DEAR 1:05-1:30 after attendance.
12th grade DEAR teachers please escort 12th graders to the gym.
9th Grade: Begins 1:35pm-2:15pm
9th grade teachers with 9th grade students after taking attendance please report to gym by 1:35. pm.
11th grade: Begins 2:20 pm – 2:50pm
11th grade teachers with 11th grade students please escort students to the gym.
Parents are invited and doors will be open for Parents at 2:00pm.