Early release Schedule Change

EARLY RELEASE DAY WILL BE ON Sept. 22, 2017 Friday Dismissal Time: 12:30pm **All Dismissal policies and areas apply on this day as a regular day. Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly 10:00 am-10:30 am- Middle School 11:00 am am-11:30 am – High School *Staff members escorting students must remain with their students till end of Assembly and will escort them back to class after. Lunch Schedule *Middle School Lunch will be regular Schedule, with a small change having the MS 2nd lunch released back to class by 11:50 am. MS teachers please by back in classrooms by 11:50 am. High School Lunch Schedule will be as follows: 11:55-12:15 9th &12th grade will report to Lunch Room. DEAR Teacher will pick up 9th & 12th Graders at 12:12 pm *10th-11th will report to their DEAR Classes at 11:55am. 12:15-12:30 10th -11th Grade will eat lunch and be dismissed at 12:30. PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE Sept. 22,2017 Friday TIME: BEGINNING AT 1:30 PM ENDING AT 4:00 PMEarly release Schedule Change