You are Cordially Invited to Attend Harmony Public Schools

2018- 2019

Campus Needs Assessment Meeting

February 20, 2019 @3:15 PM. Harmony Science Academy- San Antonio

8505 Lakeside Pkwy San Antonio, TX, 78245

Contact: A. Shemshack, Campus Testing and Federal Programs Coordinator


Goal/Purpose: Review 2018-19 Campus Improvement Plan and develop 2018-19 Needs Assessment Agenda

  1. Purpose of CNA
  2. Review Campus Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)
  3. Review of Data
  4. Areas for Improvement and Priority of Needs
  5. Review previous year’s CNA Data
  6. Review previous year’s CIP Data
  7. Revise and Develop Goals, Objectives and Strategies for the new CNA
  • Comments, Q&A