Dear Parents and Guardians,
   Good Evening! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my self.My name is Mr. Rodriguez and I am the new Student Discipline Coordinator for 6th and 7th Grade. Previously, I was in the Army for 8 years.This is now my 6th year with Harmony. Within my tenure, I was a PE and Social Studies Teacher with the Harmony Austin District.  I am both eager and excited to become an active participant in your child’s life.
   It is with great privilege to be at Harmony Science Academy. My goal is to meet the needs of our students with support of parents/guardians and teachers.To minimize our discipline issues, while increasing the safety and positivity of our campus along with Mr. James. Here are some beliefs related to discipline at Harmony Science Academy:
  • Expected behavior must be communicated, taught and modeled throughout the school year.
  • Every disciplinary infraction is an opportunity to teach expected behavior.
  • All students will have access to learning opportunities; this should not be hindered by other student’s behavior.
  • The misbehavior of one student will not be allowed to interfere with the learning opportunities of other students.
  • Students are expected to complete all learning objectives, regardless of behavior.
  • The misbehavior of a student will not excuse him/her from successfully completing learning objectives.
  • Parents are our equal partners and have a responsibility to ensure that their children’s behaviors do not take away from a safe, orderly and academically productive learning environment of others.
* Please keep in mind that each situation will be handled appropriately by the Administration team.
While this is a brief introduction, I would also like to highlight a few important policies and guidelines. Please note this is to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, and parents.
If you have any questions please review the Student Handbook (see attached) or feel contact me.
Items to be reviewed:
·       Harmony Student Dress Code
·       Visitor Policy
·       Absences Policy – Absences – excused and unexcused
·       Tardiness to School Policy
·       Makeup Work Policy
·       Loitering Policy
**Please note: This is a brief overview, the Harmony Student/Parent handbook contains more detailed information, please review this information in the Student handbook as well.I will continue you to update you with any disciplinary updates.
I am a strong believer in communication, the success of a school behavior lies in the relationship built between parents, staff
and students of the school community.


Our goal is that all students follow school-wide behavior expectations. When we observe them treating others with kindness, trying their best, and being respectful, we acknowledge them by giving positive verbal feedback and other positive incentives.